St. Paul United Church of Christ

             May -2018        

           ​​In many ways, the month of May is a time of welcome change. After April’s unpredictable weather, May usually brings us that final change to the pleasant, warm days of Spring.

            In the same way that the months and seasons bring change to our lives, the years bring constant change to the life and direction of the church.  Like everything else in this world, the church is in a constant state of revision and renewal.  New members join and others depart.  Programs and projects are introduced, while others are completed.  New ideas emerge, while solid, traditional themes resurface or continue to prove valid.

            As we look to the future and its prospects for success, we need to be aware of the changes that may occur.  Above all else, we must remember the need (and the opportunities) we all have for continued spiritual growth...growth in knowledge, growth in understanding...and growth in faith.

            Though our world is a constantly changing place, and though the passage of time continually brings new experiences and opportunities to every church, there are certain constants that will remain unchanged.  God’s love, his presence and his abiding care are always there for all who call upon him.  In the same way, Jesus’ great sacrifice continues to offer us the promise of forgiveness and eternal life.  The blessings of God are not an occasional, “sometimes” thing.  They are not seasonal, but are constant and eternal...and for that we must give thanks.

            There is one other constant we must remember in our changing world.  It is the call – the challenge – that has been extended to each of us to share the joy, the blessings and the good news we have received.  No matter where the years may take us, as individuals or as a church, the call to serve is constant.  Though we may change  how we serve, the need for us to be God’s disciples never changes.

            There is no way we can ever say “the world has changed and passed me by...there’s nothing left for me to do.”  Each of us is called -  daily -  to share our faith with the world.  That is a constant call, and a constant reason for living, no matter what changes occur in the world around us or in our own lives.

Rev. Carl Pelzer